Recognizing The Need for Pest Control

Pest Control Treatments Help Keep These Pests Out Of Your Home In The Winter

You may think that once summer is over and the bugs die off that you won't have many household insects to worry about during the winter. However, you don't want to stop getting your regular pest control treatments because your home can be infested all seasons of the year. You may not be bothered by mosquitoes and flies buzzing inside, but the following insects are always potential trouble.

Roaches You Carry Home From The Store

Roaches like to scurry inside through gaps under the door, but even when the ground freezes and roaches fade away outside, they are still a danger. You can carry roaches home inside paper grocery bags and goods that you buy from yard sales and thrift stores. Roaches from outdoors may also come inside to find warm shelter before the weather turns cold. They may live inside the walls or in your cupboards where you rarely see them if their numbers don't swell. Since roaches can contaminate your food and dishes, you don't want them in your house any time of year.

Spiders That Seek Food And Warmth

Spiders often come indoors and lay eggs where it's nice and warm. When the eggs hatch, you may find your attic or basement overrun with spiders. While spiders usually keep to themselves, you probably don't want them in your home, and you certainly don't want any of the dangerous variety in your home if you have kids or pets.

Bugs That Live Indoors All Year

Some bugs, such as termites and silverfish, can live inside your home all year long so fluctuations in the weather don't bother them. They'll be just as prolific in the winter as they are in the summer and go about their destructive ways if they aren't eradicated with the right treatments.

Bugs That Overwinter Until Spring

Some beetles and stink bugs usually live outdoors but they can move inside to stay warm once their food supply runs out and they need shelter. Some of the bugs hibernate during the winter so they may not bother you while they rest in the walls. Once spring comes and they become active, you may notice your home filled with the bugs as they try to get back outside.

There are steps you can take to keep bugs out of your home such as placing screens over entry points and sealing gaps. Also, be cautious about bringing used clothing, furniture, or appliances into your home. Check them thoroughly for bugs first. The most effective way to keep your home free of bugs in the winter is to continue your pest control treatments on the schedule recommended by your exterminator so your home can be free of insect problems all year long.