Recognizing The Need for Pest Control

Exiting The Flea Hotel: How To Rid Yourself Of These Pests Permanently

Fleas; the mere mention of these bloodsuckers makes you itch, does it not? Most people really should not worry about fleas, as they generally only bite the animals on which they live. However, being overrun by fleas is not only unpleasant for your pet; it can cause the fleas to turn on you for a meal. If you have fleas in your home to this extent, you can bet it will only get worse from here. Here is how to engage pest control to help you eradicate your flea problem for good.

Spray All Places Where Your Pets Lay and Sleep

Pest control will have to spray pet beds, carpeting, and any other areas where your pets usually lay. If you frequently invite your pets to sleep in your bed, the bed has to be stripped, sprayed, and then encased in a mattress protector to prevent human contact with the pesticide. (It is that, or you buy a whole new mattress.) Since fleas cannot live without a blood meal for very long, you can treat the fleas your pet has with products from your veterinarian. As for the fleas that have been biting you, you will need to keep your distance from your pet for a few hours until the pet pesticides applied to your pet or given to your pet as a "treat" has taken their full effect. Otherwise, the fleas can get close enough to you to bite. 

Fumigating the Whole House

If the pest control expert finds that your flea problem is extensive, and it will be easy to spot depending on the number of animals in your home, you may opt to fumigate the whole house. That is a good option from the standpoint that the eggs and flea nymphs will be destroyed along with the adults. As long as you treat your animals at the same time, no further adult fleas can mate and lay eggs.

Additionally, you should be aware of the fact that fleas typically jump off of animals to lay their eggs in carpeting and bedding, which is why your pest control expert needs to spray these areas and/or fumigate them. If you are going to fumigate the whole house, treat the pets, board the pets, and then take a week away so that the fumigation has enough time to work and reinfestation cannot occur. It will also allow your home to air out in your absence.

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