Recognizing The Need for Pest Control

Be a Termite Terminator with This Proactive Three-Step Plan

Termite damage costs U.S. home and business owners millions of dollars every year. These hardy pests are known to be a problem in every state except Alaska, where the winter temperatures are low enough to freeze them out. States in the northernmost location of the lower forty-eight states, such as Montana and North Dakota have few known termite infestation issues, yet they still suffer termite damage when the pests are brought into these states concealed in furniture, lumber, or firewood. 

If you are a homeowner who would like to avoid experiencing costly termite damage to your home or outbuildings, the following proactive steps can help you succeed. 

Cure moisture issues in and around your home

Termites colonies flourish best when humidity levels are high. This is because these insects require moist conditions to live, breed, lay eggs, and hatch their young. High humidity also encourages wood decay, making it easier for hungry termites to consume and digest the cellulose.

Homeowners who want to repel termites can reduce their odds of an infestation by eliminating moisture issues in and near their home by doing the following.  

  • Using a dehumidifier inside the home to help reduce indoor humidity levels 
  • Taking steps to prevent rainwater and melting snow from pooling under or near the home
  • Making sure that any plumbing leaks are fixed promptly 

Additionally, homeowners should consider adding vents to dank crawlspace areas to help increase healthy ventilation and reduce humidity and moisture levels in areas that may be attractive to termites. 

Remove potential food sources

In addition to adequate moisture, termites also require a plentiful food source. Firewood, lumber, some types of mulch, and other materials rich in cellulose can supply termites with the nourishment they need to survive and grow their colonies. 

Storing these materials as far as possible from the perimeters of the home or other structures on the property will help discourage termite activity. 

Insure against future infestation issues with a bait system

Limiting food and water supplies can be effective in preventing a termite infestation from becoming established at your home, but having some extra insurance is also helpful. An excellent form of insurance against termites that works for many homeowners is to have termite bait stations installed in key locations on your property. Termites are attracted to the stations, consume the bait, and then take the poison-laden food back to their colonies, helping to wipe out even more of these destructive pests. 

To learn more about defeating termites and using proactive strategies to keep them away from your home and outbuildings, you should discuss your concerns with a reputable exterminator in your area.