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The Secret Life Of Wasps: Why You Should Eradicate A Nest When You Find It

Wasps are bizarre cousins to bees. They can sting the life out of anything without dying themselves, and little provocation is necessary to do so. For anyone that is allergic to bee stings, this is a very bad thing. Worse still, uncovering a nest of these angry pests is a nightmare. Wasp eradication should only be handled by a pest control pro because of the nature of wasps and how they operate. There are also reasons why you should eradicate the nest, and it is not just because of allergic reactions to their stings.

Wasps Can Nest Anywhere

Wasps are hardy insects that can select just about any place in which to nest. A hole in the tree? That works. An open space in a garage wall hidden by a wood panel or a cabinet? Even better. Wasps will even use old rabbit warrens for nests, so long as the warrens remain relatively undisturbed. What the wasps do in the meantime is quite something.

Wasps Can Build Nests and Breed Very Quickly

If pest control can locate the nest, you will be very surprised at what pest control finds. While you may only see a few wasps swarming around outside, it tells you nothing of the hundreds of adult wasps inside the nest grooming and feeding the queen and the larvae. Since wasps are not pollinators like true bees, they mostly fly about looking for food sources to take back to the queen. When your pest control expert pulls the paneling away from the garage wall, or digs up the warren, or cracks open the tree to reveal the nest, you will see all of these adults, these really massive white grub-like larvae twisting about, and the adults that are caring for them. 

The queen lays thousands of eggs in a single season. When she dies, a new queen is selected, and the process continues. As long as she lives, other female wasps are forced from the nest to form their own nests, stealing a few drones to take with them. The more this life cycle continues, the more nests your pest expert is likely to find. 

The Pest Control Expert Has Protective Clothing and Knockout Spray

You are able to view these nests only after the pest control expert dons protective gear and sprays the nests with a knockout chemical. The chemical puts the wasps into a very drowsy state, preventing them from becoming active and stinging anyone within several hundred feet. Once the entire nest is scraped out and removed from where it sits, it is bagged for safety, and the pest control expert takes it far away from you.

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